Month: June 2014

DIY: Graffiti Backpack

before_afterSchool may be out for the summer, but the trend of backpacks is still going strong.  Backpacks have received a design upgrade from the solid colored Jansport ones you once lugged around during Middle School (I had a hot pink one btw). Now, backpacks are meant to be a fashion statement to complement your outfit and reflect your personal style. They made an appearance on this years runways-most notably the Spring Chanel 2014 show. The Chanel Canvas Graffiti Backpack is the inspiration behind this DIY. So if you don’t have $3,400 to drop on a backpack (what do you mean you don’t??  haha), check this  project out!  (more…)


College Eats: Review of Off the Grid/ Streatery

Yesterday, I got to enjoy the sun and some girl time with two of my best friends at Off the Grid in Pleasant Hill. For those unfamiliar, Off the Grid is a “roaming mobile food extravaganza” where a bunch of different food trucks that a serve a range of different foods set up in one location across the Bay Area. It’s the fun of getting food from a food truck without the slight paranoia you might be also be getting a case of food poisoning.

The trucks at the location change each week. This week offered a selection that included hot dog, curry, frozen custard, kabobs, and noodle trucks. The truck we ate from was called Streatery with a mission to serve real food made from scratch (and oh my goossh instant obession started).

streatery 1

The truck itself is the cutest to look at, with lanterns and chalkboard menus it’s like a hipster wedding on wheels and once you taste the food, it’s instant love.

streatery 2

The first thing that caught my eye off the menu was the Lemon Ricotta Doughnuts, and was a driving factor that went into my ordering the special which included the sandwich and Lavender Lemonade- but I was not disappointed with one single thing. At first I wasn’t sure about the jam on the sandwich, but it provides the perfect kiss of sweetness without clashing with the rest of the savory components. Also, THIS LEMONADE. Everything in my life needs to be lavender infused after drinking this. It wouldn’t be fair for me to try to describe how refreshing this is on a hot day-just promise me you’ll try it. I also wasn’t prepared for the adorable cup made from recycled paper that my doughnuts came in and the goodness that these doughnuts brought.

streatery 3

Here’s the menu, in case you’re wondering what else Streatery offers. My friends got the Spicy Peasant Rice with Pork Patties and the Spicy Fideo Noodles (which is like hybrid of rice and chow mein without the usual greasy texture). What’s great about the Off the Grid is that the trucks offer different specials, of which the proceeds benefit a local school. It’s a perfect way to support these small businesses and local schools all while enjoying new foods that might become your new favorites! Check out to see if there’s a mobile food truck parade coming to your town and

food truck 2


blog intro

Welcome to Champagne in Study Hall; a place where it’s believed that mimosas should be served during morning study sessions at the library and extra credit should be given to the best dressed. From hectic class schedules, tests, and papers college can turn our twenties into a repetitive, horrid nightmare. This blog is dedicated to  making the most of life outside study hall, and surviving the times in it. Stay tuned for DIY projects, party themes for good times with your friends, and hearing about the life of a fellow college gal.

A few things about me:

1. I’m currently a business student at CSUS. Go Hornets!

2. “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield is my life song (yes, because it makes me feel like I’m in “The Hills”!)

3.  Life goal: going to Coachella

4. Instantly girl crushes on every girl who can skateboard (can someone teach me please??)

5. And just like most young, twenty-something year olds.. the plans of my future are as just as undecided as my outfit for tomorrow.

Let’s have some fun!