Month: July 2014

College Style: OOTD

Do you have that one piece of clothing that makes you feel so glam that you believe  you’re  the long-lost Kardashian sister? For me, that’s my faux-fur vest. After years and years of saying how much I wanted one, this past winter I finally joined the faux-fur vest club. But as the weather warmed up I feared that my days of walking around like a glamazon were over as my vest continually sat in in the back of my closet. That is, until I learned to style it for warmer weather. While I won’t promote wearing anything faux-fur in 90 degree weather, on breezy days styling this type of vest is as easy as sliding into a pair of high-waisted short and your favorite tank top, like I did for running errands today.

ootd 4

ootd 5

ootd 3

To finish off the look I wore high-top Converses, to dress the look down a bit  and my hair in my signature messy top-knot. As the summer continues I’ll be wishing for more breezy days so I can stay glam as fall approaches. Tell me what piece in your wardrobe makes you feel glamorous!



For a college girl, the best style looks are the ones that are effortless to throw on, yet reflect a strong sense of style (because as much as sweatpants feel like heaven they’re completely void of any personality-much like your teacher’s voice droning on during a lecture).  Hanna Beth has been a style icon of mine for a quite awhile now and is the perfect muse for effortless looks. Once known as “Barbie Beth”, she’s a dark-haired, tattooed beauty, and has made her way as a model. Even out of the camera’s eye she’s always picture-perfect embodying the perfect blend of glam-rocker with dark lips and lots of layers.  For translating her style in your own wardrobe start with a wide-brim felt hat, which is completely on-trend for this fall, and a slouchy beanie. Also, pick pieces that are unique like a studded bag, or faux fur coat. However you mix your pieces then, it will look effortless but will be completely “you”.

Take a look at some of Hanna Beth’s look for this Style Shoutout.






To get more inspiration from this style icon, check out her Buzzfeed blog by clicking here, and her Instagram account @barbiebeth. (All photos on this post are from Hanna Beth’s Buzzfeed account)

Happy Styling!


Party Time: A Coachella-Inspired Night


I’ve never personally been to Coachella, but for a summer party the musical festival is the perfect  inspiration. The floral crowns, eclectic environment, and a “dress-as-you-please” mentality are the perfect elements for a fun night-whether it’s in Indio California, or your own backyard. This past weekend I hosted a girls night with Coachella as the main inspiration. So throw on your festival outfit and check out Bay’ella!

(Sorry no Tupac hologram included)   (more…)