Party Time: A Coachella-Inspired Night


I’ve never personally been to Coachella, but for a summer party the musical festival is the perfect  inspiration. The floral crowns, eclectic environment, and a “dress-as-you-please” mentality are the perfect elements for a fun night-whether it’s in Indio California, or your own backyard. This past weekend I hosted a girls night with Coachella as the main inspiration. So throw on your festival outfit and check out Bay’ella!

(Sorry no Tupac hologram included)  

Since I’ve never been to Coachella, and I made up “Bay’ella” (Bay Area+Coachella=Bay’ella) I had to imagine what I thought would create a summer festival look. To me this was a blend of tropical and fiesta décor.

This is my main table where I had the drinks and the appetizers. The appetizers included pretzels and hummus, Seniorita bread (a popular and sweet bread from a local bakery), and bruschetta. I got the pineapple and tablecloth from Party City. The inflatable palm trees I bought at the Dollar Store.


All festivals need a stage! So to create different levels on my table I created a “stage” by covering a cardboard box with brown paper and painting it. To create the banner I poked two skewers into to the top of the box and measured and cut the appropriate size from hot pink poster paper, painted it and then taped it to the skewers.


Whenever I throw a themed party (which is basically every party I throw) I like to have extra items for my guests to add to their outfit to have fun with the theme. For this party I created a “Festival Goddess Station” where my guests could create their own festival looks. I put out extra floral accessories, temporary tattoos, and glow sticks. My favorite thing was the jewels that guests could adhere with eyelash glue.

festival goddess station

Since Coachella was my theme I obviously wanted to bring the party outside by turning my backyard into a festival lounge for my girls to enjoy. To do this, I created a “VIP Lounge” sign from pink poster board (because my guests are always VIPs!). The large flower/fruit cutout is from my days of working at Bath and Body Works.  You can’t see it in this photo but I also created a projector out of a box and magnifying glass (there are many tutorials you can find on Pinterest) so that I could project music videos on the fence providing some music “performances”. The projector didn’t provide the best image but my guests still enjoyed it!

outside view

My dad being the handyman, created the tepee by screwing 3 2×2’s together in an easel-like structure. Then my mom and I stapled a canvas dropcloth around the structure. I loved the idea of having outdoor ottomans for guests to use as tables, so like the stage for my table, I simply wrapped large cardboard boxes with postal wrapping and painted them. They worked perfectly and added some color to the teepee area! I laid a large blanket down on the ground so that we could eat outside.


For the main food I served chicken kabobs with 3 choices of sauces (BBQ, Sweet Chili, and Sweet and Sour) along with mozzarella/basil/tomato kabobs, and fried rice (I kind of cheated and got this from Panda Express-dontjudgeme haha). The signature drink of the night was a strawberry mojito!

eating outside

mozzerella kabobs

From girl talk, eating, and dancing it was a great summer night with the girls! I have yet to make the trek to the real Coachella but a tepee, good music, and my friends (and maybe a couple mojitos) has helped me feel festival-satisfied for the mean time. I hope this has inspired you to host your own Coachella night, with a little creativity you can bring whatever festival you like best to your backyard! xo





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