Month: December 2014

DIY: Festive ’15 Headband


New Year’s is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a night where glitter, party dresses, and sparkly drinks all around the world collide into one huge party. What’s not to love? The night also wouldn’t be complete without a festive headband! So before you head to your local party store for a holiday headgear, make your own headband no one else will have with this DIY!  (more…)


DIY: Fa-La-La Crop Top



Merry Christmas, loves! As much fun as it is dressing for specific holidays, I’d much rather splurge on items I can wear year-round than something I can only wear one month a year (which explains the lack of “ugly” Christmas sweaters in my closet but the surplus of wedges and boots… Holiday sales always get the best of me-and my wallet!). Luckily creating festive pieces can work on a college-friendly budget, like this “Fa-la-la” crop top! With three easy steps, this DIY will leave you looking festive WITH extra money in your budget to hit the after-Christmas sales.

Creating your own “Fa la la” crop top is as easy as saying Ho-ho-ho! (more…)

Party Time: Holiday Waffle Soiree

The end of finals simultaneously means the start of holiday party season! There’s nothing better to look forward to than having multiple reasons to throw on some sparkles and enjoy a night with your friends. After a semester of waking up early and occasionally sacrificing breakfast to get to lecture on time what’s the perfect food to serve at your next get together? WAFFLES. Yes, waffles! Not only is it an insanely easy main dish to make (waffle iron + Bisquick), but eating breakfast at night (especially with some champagne) is a luxury even the beloved Tay-Tay Swift sings about it. PLUS any leftovers mean breakfast is made for the morning after!

So bust out that waffle iron, wrap yourself in tinsel, and gather your dearest mates  for a Holiday Waffle Soiree!

It feels like the perfect night, for breakfast at midnight….

waffle 1

waffle 6

waffle 5

waffle 3

waffle 4

 Here’s the easy how-to on hosting your own Holiday Waffle Soiree:

  • Cover the serving area with brown postal paper. (This is sold by the roll at the Dollar Store, or craft stores). Not only does this make clean-up a cinch, but you can write cheeky sayings for your guests to read while they make their plates.
  • Include an assortment of toppings! Fruit toppings (cherry and blueberries), walnuts, sliced bananas, sprinkles, and of course syrup are easy and college-budget friendly options to start with.
  • Who doesn’t love bacon? To counteract the sweetness of the waffles, add some bacon, or sausages to your spread to add some savory options for your guests.
  • After a semester of paper deadlines and stress, it’s time to pop some bottles! Champagne and orange juice is all you need for making mimosas to complement this breakfast food feast.
  • Throw a plaid tablecloth on the table, add tinsel everywhere you see, and dj some holiday jams to start a Christmas dance party! Here’s a playlist to start with!
  • Eat, drink, and be merry with your lovelies!