DIY: Fa-La-La Crop Top



Merry Christmas, loves! As much fun as it is dressing for specific holidays, I’d much rather splurge on items I can wear year-round than something I can only wear one month a year (which explains the lack of “ugly” Christmas sweaters in my closet but the surplus of wedges and boots… Holiday sales always get the best of me-and my wallet!). Luckily creating festive pieces can work on a college-friendly budget, like this “Fa-la-la” crop top! With three easy steps, this DIY will leave you looking festive WITH extra money in your budget to hit the after-Christmas sales.

Creating your own “Fa la la” crop top is as easy as saying Ho-ho-ho!




Things you’ll need:

  • Crop top
  • Foam stamps or cupcake stencils
  • Fabric paint in red, green, and white
  1. Apply paint to stamp and stamp design on fabric.


  1. Or using a cupcake stencil, stencil the design onto the top.


  1. Stamp, stencil, repeat until desired look is achieved.


  1. Wear your new festive crop top with high waisted jeans, a faux fur vest, or unbuttoned plaid shirt to create your own Cali-girl Christmas look.


 I hope each one of you have a very Merry Christmas!!



  1. This is perfect! Thank you for sharing. I wish I had seen this earlier because I would have totally made one since its going to be hot summer christmas in Australia and ugly sweaters aren’t exactly wearable but little crop tops totally are! I guess I’ll have to find this come 2015 and make it though! I also love your hair, its so chic.
    Have a lovely jolly holiday season bub!
    Much Love, Karen

    1. Aw, well you could totally use golds/glitter to turn it into a New Years crop top! 🙂 haha. Oh wow I couldn’t imagine having a Christmas where it’s too hot for sweaters! In California crop tops work perfectly as long as there is a heater! lol. Thank you so much! I always start with my hair down but end up throwing it in a top knot!
      Hope you have wonderful holidays! (Stay cool out there!)
      Xoxo, Olivia

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